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Hey folks, in this article, we are going to discuss the GTA 5 mod menu and the features which it provides. This Mod consists the compatible asi file. It also consists of an option to spawn any object in game. The multiplayer vehicle unlock in single player is one of the unique features of this mod.


  1. Follow these steps in order to use this mod to the fullest:
  2. Download and install the ScriptHookV file using this link
  3. Install the Microsoft Visual Studio Redist (2013 version)
  4. Install the Microsoft Visual Studio Redist (2015 version)
  5. Use 7zip or winrar to extract the mod’s file in the folder where you have installed the GTA 5 mod menu

We will explain what the files do below:

  1. The dinput8.dll file will help activate the scripthookv.dll
  2. The scripthookv.dll will activate the mods in the ASI folder
  3. ASI\GTALua.asi file will finally activate the GTALua

Now, we all know that the people who were using the other menus available in the past started getting banned. That is the reason we have developed this menu and the tutorial to use this and play without the menu:

GTA 5 Mod Menu Online

Change the name of the file ‘dinput8.dll’ to ‘dinput8.dl_’ and restart GTA 5


We will mention the controls which are required below:


You can find the settings.cGUI-Key-Binds.lua  by searching for it in the indexer and you can check the config there


  1. You open up the Menu using Numpad . or Z or X
  2. You can close the menu using Numpad . or Ctrl + Z or Ctrl + X
  3. You can use the back button in the menu using Numpad 0
  4. You can use the  Down/Left/Up/Right in the menu using Numpad 2,4,6,8 or MOUSE-WHEEL also goes Up/Down.
  5. You can use the Select/Activate in the menu using the Numpad 5 or MIDDLE-MOUSE-BUTTON


  • Open the Menu (when closed) using the Z key
  • You can Back/Close the menu (when open) using the Z key
  • You can open the Hot Menu (most used) using the X key
  • You can Fly Forward using the Sprint(shift)
  • You can Fly Down using the Sneak(left-control)
  • You can Hold Position using Jump(space)
  • You can use the Toggle On/Off using the Horn (E on keyboard by default)
  • You can Flip Forward using the Accelerate key
  • You can Flip Backward using the Brake/Reverse
  • You can Spin Left using the Turn Left key
  • You can Spin Right using the Turn Right key
  • You can boost Upwards using Space key


There are a ton more controls which you can refer to in the config files. We will partially define some of the controls in here so that you can go through them and have the gist of the Mod menu without having to go through the hassle of config files.


There’s an interesting Gravity gun mode included in this mod:


  1. Once you have picked up an entity, there are two different modes
  2. The two of them are as follows: 1. Physics and 2: Set entity coords
  3. The physics will be default for the vehicle and pedestrians unless the distance greater than 350
  4. There is an option labelled ‘spawned frozen’ which will assist you in controlling objects
  5. If the spawn frozen option is enabled, the objects will be moved with set coords and frozen
  6. In case that option is disabled, the objects will be moved upto 350 meters by using physics
  7. The best object to use is rock. Spawn a custom name, type rock and have a considerable amount of fun


The controls for water sports

  1. You can become a kami and control the ocean using these
  2. You can enable and disable those using the ctrl + down arrow key
  3. You can modify the waves using the left/right arrow keys
  4. You can change the radius by pressing the combination of ctrl + right arrow keys and ctrl + left arrow keys


You can modify the power meter using these instructions

  1. The power will range from 1x to 100x
  2. You can increase it by holding the sprint button
  3. You can also max the power out by simply double tapping the sprint button

It affects engine power, max endurance, torque, backseat driver, rapid fire, gravity gun, teleport gun, etc.


The flying mechanism used is also advanced. We know that a person should not feel like he/she is falling without grace and so we have developed this way


  1. You will look much better if you just toggle self, select fly v2 and you will look way better than before
  2. The controls are as follows:
  3. Use the shift button in order to fly in forward motion. You can increase your altitude in order to fly much faster
  4. You can use the left ctrl button i.e the sneak button in order to fly down
  5. You can press the spacebar key in order to stop


You will also be able to use an advanced targeting system


Almost all of the mods out there will need you to aim at the target in order to acquire it. You might want a gun or an item from the ped who is 800 meters away from you. You might also want to attack someone driving 900 meters away from you. Double barrelling a helicopter from almost 7 kilometers away is now possible!


You will also be able to control trains!

You can teleport into the driver’s seat in a (not metro) train and you can change the speed of the train using acceleration or deceleration.



The credits for this mod:

  • – Rappo – For hosting / Curation
  • – Alexander Blade – All our Daddy
  • – Jake Dreemurr – Beta Tester, Bug Stomper
  • – fgf9393@gta5-mods – Bug Victim/Reporter
  • – EyesBlue1988@gta5-mods – Beta Tester
  • – OHMYMODZ – “Essential Mod Menu” , which was the base of this menu.
  • – GTALua
  • – The Community ( That’s you! )


Conclusion: This is one of the best mods we have ever created. It is you who made this possible and we thank the community for that. We hope that this guide helps you get a kick start with the GTA 5 community mod menu and use it to the fullest potential using the further details which are present in the configuration file tucked in. Have a great day.


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